Emise Venusina sopka; Hips 0/0 (EXCELLENT), Very good rating,  Bonitace: 2.tř. 2007-2008 5V1/P, Titled: ZVV1, IPO1, IPO2, SchH/VPG1. Emise's pedigree

Emise is internationally titled, a proven mother of 3 litters in Europe with offspring working in Police, SchH and breeding programs. The majority of her offspring have certified 0/0 (Excellent) hips and elbows. Her sire is Ingolf v Karthago a strong, black sable SchH3 dog. Emise carries a very strong mother line, starting with Asia Venusina Sopka, a good female in type and color, very close to her grandmother; Hobby Venusina sopka. Emise's grandmother Tula Venusina sopka is a black sable female and mother of Police and stud dog York Venusina sopka and Yang Venusina sopka a competitor in  SchH 3 and IPO3 and stud dog  too! Brother of Tula is Timur Venusina Sopka and he took 3rd Place in the Czech Championship IPO3 !! Condor di Ca Bergomi /Italia/ all black dog, is a very strong competitor in the SchH3.
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Mirai of Sapphire Mountain (JAZZ); OFA Certified, Hips-Fair, Elbows-Normal. Jazz's pedigree

Jazz carries proven bloodlines.  Her sire is Rocky Venusina sopka ZVV1, SchH2, IPO2, son of the legendary Czech Police Dog and Winner of the 1999 International Stud Dog Show in Bratislava-Tom z Pohranicni straze                                  Her mother is Varna z Pohranicni straze ZVV1, who
                                  produced many successful dogs Search/Rescue and
                                  Tracking dogs, including littermate Chay-da of
                                  Sapphire Mountain working Certified Narcotics and
                                  Tracking dog for the Grand Teton National Park and
                                  Teton County Law Enforcement Departments. Jazz is
                                  a large, dark bi-colored female with a level
                                  temperament and high ball drive.